President / CEO
Chair of the Board
Vice Chair of the Board
Membership Chair
(Interim) Public Affairs Chair
Government Affairs Chair
Business Development Chair
Education Chair
Fund Development Chair
Board Member at Large
Board Member at Large
Board and Officers

Roles and Responsibilities

The Board and the officers are critical to the leadership of Tabor. These roles are established and defined in the Tabor bylaws.

Serves as the Chief Executive Officer, establishes all board and general membership meeting agendas, official voice in the community, cultivates relationships with outside organizations, individuals and elected leaders; signs all Tabor communications for the public, other corporations, non-members and government entities; serves as a signatory on Tabor bank accounts; appoints, subject to board approval, all committee chairpersons; oversees the fund development and economic development committees.

Assists the president on various tasks, acts as parliamentarian for board meetings, signatory on corporate bank accounts, and oversees education and government affairs committees.

Receives monthly committee reports, records minutes of board and general meetings, organizes all board and membership meetings, supervises and works with Tabor paid staff, oversees the membership and public affairs committees.

Manages and regularly reports to the board and general membership monthly on Tabor financial affairs, leads the Tabor annual budgeting process, prepares an annual financial report for the board, and oversees the technical assistance committee

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Tabor is grateful to those who chose to be a Tabor member and encourages members to be active and participatory. A member is accorded an opportunity to participate in the policy, priority and work of Tabor that will guide our mission.

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