The Board

Board Officers & Committee Chairs

Ollie Garrett

President & CEO





Aundrea D. Jackson



Sherlita Kennedy

Vice Chair


Darci Henderson



Kevin C. Washington

Education Chair


Crystal Wright

Public Affairs Chair


Albert Sardinas


Dan McGrady

Fund Development Chair


Will Hausa

Government Affairs Chair


Elisa Young


Ellen Kerr


Board and Officers

Roles & Responsibilities

The Board and the officers are critical to the leadership of Tabor. These roles are established and defined in the Tabor By-Laws (Attachment 1).

President: serves as the Chief Executive Officer, establishes all board and general membership meeting agendas, official voice in the community, cultivates relationships with outside organizations, individuals and elected leaders; signs all Tabor communications for the public, other corporations, non-members and government entities; serves as a signatory on Tabor bank accounts; appoints, subject to board approval, all committee chairpersons; oversees the fund development and economic development committees.

Vice-President: assists the president on various tasks, acts as parliamentarian for board meetings, signatory on corporate bank accounts, and oversees education and government affairs committees.

Secretary: Receives monthly committee reports, records minutes of board and general meetings, organizes all board and membership meetings, supervises and works with Tabor paid staff, oversees the membership and public affairs committees.

Treasurer: manages and regularly reports to the board and general membership monthly on Tabor financial affairs, leads the Tabor annual budgeting process, prepares an annual financial report for the board, and oversees the technical assistance committee


Board Committees

Board committees are established within the Tabor by-laws. Each member of the Board of Director leads one of the standing committees. This does not limit ad-hoc committees that are formed for a special purpose, such as the Gala planning or other similar initiatives.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee coordinates and promotes membership recruitment initiatives for Tabor 100, and processes new members into the organization. Maintains active and inactive membership list, and reports on new members.

Public Affairs Committee

The Public Affairs Committee provides the marketing and technology capabilities to promote Tabor 100 communications. Responsible for maintaining and publishing the Tabor 100 website and newsletter.

Fund Development Committee

The Fund Development Committee is responsible for developing fundraising strategies and seeking charitable donations and grants in support of Tabor 100’s activities and programs.

Economic Development Committee

The Economic Development Committee promotes initiatives impacting economic development, wealth creation and business opportunity in the minority community.

Education Committee

The Education Committee builds, develops, and articulates the business knowledge base of the Tabor 100; define plans to meet community educational needs; and facilitate youth mentoring activities. Provides recommendations on organizational and member development issues.

Government Affairs Committee

The Government Affairs Committee serves as liaison with business and legislative organizations on issues of concern for Tabor 100.

Tabor 100 Policies


Operations Handbook

Membership Handbook

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