Lane Construction: Tunnel Effluent Pump Station-Ballard Conveyance

The Lane Construction Corporation is inviting subcontractors and suppliers to bid on the SCWQP: Tunnel Effluent Pump Station-Ballard Conveyance (Rebid) project in Seattle, WA. The bid date is set for February 28, 2024, at 2:00 PM. Interested parties should submit quotes by February 21.

The project involves the construction of the Tunnel Effluent Pump Station (TEPS), Facility Building, and associated site improvements. Additionally, it includes the installation of approximately 2,200 LF of conveyance piping, demolition and reconstruction of flow diversion structures, and various other scopes of work such as earthwork, drainage, asphalt paving, concrete work, micro-tunneling, electrical, mechanical, fencing, demolition, and more.

Subcontractors and suppliers are encouraged to contact The Lane Construction Corporation for additional project information and to submit their quotes before the specified deadline.

Visit this website for more information.

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