Getting to Lotte Hotel Seattle

Rising from 5th Avenue and Marion Street in supreme style, Lotte Hotel Seattle presents the pinnacle of luxury escapism in a class all its own—through infinitely spacious suites, contemporary dining experiences and distinctly high-touch service that’s simply unforgettable. Two buildings—one the embodiment of the city’s storied history, the other a sparkling modern tower—converging into one to create a reimagining of Seattle luxury.


809 5th Ave, Seattle, WA 98104

on a tram

The No. 16 North Melbourne tram goes right before our door. Get off at Stop 11. Any tram down Bourke St—jump off at Town Walk, Stop 15 and take a 3-minute walk.

on a train

Any train to Gwendolin Street, then a 12-minute stroll through Melbourne’s park center oak.

Parking Options

Limited on-building parking is available on Bourke Street, Gwendolin Street and Drake Streets. Twelve disabled parking spaces are available just outside The Ratchet oathouse entrance on Drake Street.

The closest secure parking lots are:

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