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The Tabor Board hosts committees that welcome members to join, discuss and assist in the work, priorities and policies for each committee. The event calendar notes the dates and times of each committee meeting. For the date and time of each committee meeting, see the Events Calendar.


Business Development Committee:

The business development committee develops and sponsors business capacity building educational opportunities for the membership. 


Education Committee:

The education committee tracks activities relating to and provides the membership with recommendations on ways to meet community educational needs, facilitates youth mentoring activities, and manages the Corporation’s scholarship programs. 


Government Affairs Committee:

The government affairs committee identifies and makes recommendations on local, state and national policy issues of concern.


Public Affairs Committee:

The public affairs committee provides marketing and technology support relating to the Corporation’s newsletter and website to promote the Corporation’s activities. 


Economic Development Committee:

The economic development committee promotes both economic and business development in the minority community through mentorship and business opportunities. 


Fund Development Committee:

The fund development committee serves as the clearinghouse for general philanthropic giving and coordination of the Corporation’s annual gala. 


Membership Committee:

The membership committee coordinates membership recruitment, maintains the membership list, conducts membership orientation meetings, and issues membership voting cards. 


Tabor 100 Policies


Operations Handbook

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