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President of
Tabor 100

Dear Tabor Neighbors
There are many things I want to talk about in this President's message, but I cannot get former Tabor 100 Board member and friend, John Berdes, off my mind.
John knew better than most that money lubricates business and that minority businesses many times don't have access to it.
His philosophy about lending to minority businesses is worth repeating: "You've got to take a step back and get a better understanding of the starting point and recent history and roadblocks faced by minority owned businesses before you can start thinking about ways around them. There's no time or patience for well-intended approaches that simply do not work. We've got to build trust in the communities and this often means pushing back against deeply ingrained historical mistrust. We've got to figure out ways to monetize character in because there     continue

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July 30, 2016

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Port Commission Approves Motion to Repeal I-200

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The Port of Seattle Commission unanimously approved a motion in support of Washington State House Bill 2822, which would repeal restrictions set forth in


Tabor 100 is an association of entrepreneurs and business advocates who are committed to economic power, educational excellence and social equity for African-Americans and the community at large.

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1) Become a connecting link between existing organizations to enhance communication and coordination of existing programs and capacities.