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President of
Tabor 100

Dear Tabor Neighbors
2016 is going to be a great year and I look forward to leading Tabor to new heights and helping you with "Seizing Your Opportunity".

We have much work to do if we are to reap the rewards that a robust, active, and committed organization and membership can bring. Tabor 100 is the resource where elected officials, government agencies, and prime contractors look for partnerships with the minority community. Many members have snagged opportunities as a result of their involvement in Tabor 100. Opportunities abound with many new sources of money - $16B for the state Department of Transportation, $1B in the city for road work, several Port of Seattle projects and a ballot measure that may give Sound Transit another $16M. In addition, there is more private sector work going on in the Puget Sound region than at any time in this century. continue

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February 27, 2016

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Walmart To Entrepreneurs: Bring Us Your Products That Support American Jobs

Company to host its second Open Call event asking suppliers to pitch products to Walmart, Walmart.com and Sam's Club


Tabor 100 is an association of entrepreneurs and business advocates who are committed to economic power, educational excellence and social equity for African-Americans and the community at large.

Organizational Goals

1) Become a connecting link between existing organizations to enhance communication and coordination of existing programs and capacities.