Dear Community Leaders and Partners,  


Happy 2021! We write today to provide an update on the Washington Employers for Racial Equity (WERE) Coalition and to ask for your help as we search for our first Executive Director


The Coalition was launched in December together with a new data-driven report, The Commitment to Progress: An Equitable Future for Washington, comparing the experiences of Black and white Washingtonians. The report provides clear and compelling evidence that racial bias and structural inequity exist in our state and our nation.  


The WERE Coalition is comprised of CEOs and corporate leaders across Washington who have signed a Commitment to Progress.  Committed to accountability, the Coalition’s collective goals include achieving parity in hiring, pay, and promotion for Black Washingtonians, supporting Black-owned businesses, and investing a combined $2 billion over the next five years to support racial equity. The Coalition will also join its voices to those advocating for racial equity in our state. 


Coalition Growth: In the weeks since launch, we are pleased that more employers have joined the Coalition, bringing the total number of signers to 68 to date. We actively welcome other employers who want to join.  


Additionally, we are thrilled to have 4 new co-sponsoring business organizations, including Downtown Seattle Association, OneRedmond, Seattle Southside Chamber of Commerce, and Thurston County Chamber of Commerce. You can see the full list of signatories and sponsors here


Hiring an Executive Director: We are hiring a full-time Executive Director to lead the work of the coalition. We are seeking a mission-driven, dynamic leader who will be responsible for:  


  • Strategic Planning: Developing and executing a strategic workplan for the Coalition  
  • Membership support: Building out a program to support coalition members’ efforts to advance the Commitment to Progress 
  • Community Engagement: Building relationships with stakeholders and community to establish the Coalition as a trusted partner, and   
  • Measurement and Accountability: Establishing the metrics and reporting systems required to assess our collective progress 


You can find the full job description here.  Please help us find great candidates for this role by getting the word out to your networks and distributing the job description broadly. 


We are committed to equity and opportunity for all people and all communities in Washington state, and look forward to partnering with you in the days and years to come. 


Thank you for all that you do for our state and our communities.





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