The Washington State Department of Enterprise Services (DES) solicitation for WELL-BEING TRAINING SOLUTIONS has been posted to WEBS.  The current close date is 5/17/2021.  If you have questions, please contact DES customer service who is Cc on this email and can help you identify and download the solicitation.  If you did not already receive the solicitation, be sure to also check for future amendments.  The solicitation will list the contracts specialist administering the procurement and how to ask questions tied to the solicitation.  If you have questions about our procurement process and general tips, please see the Tabor 100 YouTube channel for past lunch and learn sessions.   In these recorded sessions you will hear things about the overall direction of the state, general data in business professional services and training, and our procurement process.  However, please contact the contracts specialist for this specific procurement and read the documents in the WEBS posting.

Information copied from the solicitation, please visit WEBS for the full solicitation:

The Well-Being Training Solutions category is defined as an optimal state of an individual’s physical, emotional, financial, and work/life balance. The purpose of this Competitive Solicitation is to solicit and award contracts with a focus on virtual instructor-led training and in-person instructor-led training to add desirable and complimentary well-being courses to WLP’s portfolio of learning solutions to support employer well-being goals through the provision of trainings such as:

  • Mental Health First Aid,
  • Recognizing & Managing Vicarious Trauma,
  • Stress Management;
  • respectful work cultures, compassion fatigue and avoiding burnout;
  • Wellness coordinator certification; and
  • Other training that supports high employee well-being work environments within organizations.

Note:  Any training offerings exclusive to yoga or facilitated meditation practices will not be considered for this Competitive Solicitation.


This Completive Solicitation focuses on three (3) subcategories as it relates to the Well-Being Training Solutions category; Mental Health First Aid, Recognizing & Managing Vicarious Trauma, and General Well-being.  Bidders may choose to compete in any or all of the following three subcategories of Well-Being Training Solutions (as defined herein):

  • Mental Health First Aid (MHFA): a skills based, experiential and evidence-based practice. The course trains laypersons to recognize and respond to signs and symptoms and the most common mental health conditions and how to help someone though a proven action plan until appropriate professional help is received or until the crisis resolves.
  • Recognizing & Managing Vicarious Trauma (RMVT): a course that helps provide awareness and tools to individuals working and volunteering in caring or helping professions (i.e. social services, healthcare, etc.) that involve consistently tough situations and customer interactions.
  • General Well-being (GW): any other course offering not included in the courses defined above and provide the skills necessary to promote organizational well-being by focusing on a holistic approach that may include physical, emotional, financial, and work/life balance.





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