Tabor Member Highlight : Chukundi Salisbury

There are two types of Tabor members. There are those who attend meetings, eat breakfast, and do a little networking. Then there is Chukundi Salisbury. “About two months ago, there was a fire in my Central Seattle office building where I have been for twenty years. I can’t work there now, so my team and I have been working out of the HUB—utilizing my membership.”

Salisbury founded and owns Seaspot Media which specializes in web design, marketing, and entertainment promotion. He says he has been a Tabor member for years, “…but I did not make full use of my membership until this happened and I really learned all the things Tabor has to offer at the HUB. I can meet clients in the Bruce Harrell Room, have sessions with my team in the Larry Gossett Room…Other days, I’m at the Hot Desk, just utilizing the space.”

Salisbury also works for the Seattle Parks Department, a job he’s had for twenty-five years. He manages all the department’s environmental programs. And, in 2014, he started two non-profits, funded through grants from the Seattle Foundation among others. “100 Black Parents is one of the non-profits. We do advocacy work for
Black parents. We recruit volunteers for schools and we put on fun family events.” The other is Urbvote, a voter engagement, and education group. These are projects he can promote at the HUB.

Salisbury believes the majority of Tabor members don’t really use the HUB. “There’s the Facebook podcast room where you can make a business presentation and you don’t have to use your little camera and mic on your laptop. You can go in there and use that big screen. That’s a real asset. There’s lighting, very nice cameras, and good microphones.” He says when he moves back into his own office, he will still steer people to the HUB. “It is a world-class facility, an added value to your business… and it’s part of your membership.”

Chukundi Salisbury also found time to make a run to represent the 37th District in the State Legislature. Though he was not successful, he did not completely close the door on a political run. So how does this husband and father of two accomplish so much? “I go to bed late and get up early.”