March 18, 2020



Coronavirus (COVID-19) protective supplies


The State of Washington is still seeking to fill severe shortages of specific infection-control products and other healthcare supplies (listed in the table below). If you have any of these products in stock, and can deliver them within 1-2 weeks, please contact the Department of Enterprise Services immediately at, 360-407-2201.

DES will purchase these items immediately and in coming days and weeks. The state is able to buy with a purchasing card or purchase order (Net 30 or potentially sooner).

This emergency announcement is not an offer of a contract but is intended to gather information about companies’ capability to sell these items to the state to fill urgent needs in hospitals and among first responders.

Please tell us:

  • Name, address and contact name, phone number and email of your business:
  • In the table below, please fill in the columns for the quantity of items you have in stock, their price, and how soon the items can be delivered.
Items Item notes


Quantity        needed


Quantity available




Delivery Time

Gowns, Disposable, One Size ISO rated preferred, surgical gowns, impermeable, polypropylene. Looking for at least 500,000 of each size or 2,000,000 of one size fits all. See note
Gowns, Disposable, Small ISO rated preferred, surgical gowns, impermeable, polypropylene.  500,000
Gowns, Disposable, Medium ISO rated preferred, surgical gowns, impermeable, polypropylene. 787,500
Gowns, Disposable, Large ISO rated preferred, surgical gowns, impermeable, polypropylene.  565,950
Gowns, Disposable, XL ISO rated preferred, surgical gowns, impermeable, polypropylene. Acceptable alternative of XXL or XXXL 528,045
Coveralls, Small Tyvek 2,500
Coveralls, Medium Tyvek 26,250
Coveralls, Large Tyvek 15,750
Coveralls, X-Large Tyvek 8,000
N95 Masks KN95 if NIOSH approved is acceptable 2,167,200
Surgical Procedure Masks preferred rated , non-rated okay 3,500,000
Surgical Procedure Mask w/Shield Attached   100,000
Face shield  with band, disposable 2,995,000
Gloves, Exam, Small long cuff 11-12″, nitrile 255,045
Gloves, Exam, Medium long cuff 11-12″, nitrile 529,515
Gloves, Exam, Large long cuff 11-12″, nitrile 315,000
Gloves, Exam, XL long cuff 11-12″, nitrile 300,000
Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR)  MaxAir CAPR System 5,250
PAPR Hood, Medium/Large 3M or alternative brand 26,250
PAPR Hood, Small/Medium 3M or alternative brand 10,500
PAPR Filter   26,000
Comfort Strips (Max Ari 2000-201)   36,750
Li-Ion Battery, Small (Max Ari 200-36T)   5,250
Impermeable Barriers For separation between the patient and the care provider. Plexiglas sheets  4 foot by 4 foot or 4 x 8. 25
Sanitizing/Disinfectant Wipes   500
Hand Sanitizer Bottles 24 oz. bottles 210,000
Hand Sanitizer Refill 1200 ml or 2000 ml 5,000
Cleaning Solution Spray  disinfecting, FDA-approved, Vionex, Cavicide or similar 500
Digital thermometer (forehead)   1,500
Disposable Thermometer any infrared or temporal thermometer  5,000
Disposable Stethoscope similar to Grainger Item # 18L014 or Item # 4WPF9 2,500

Your response to this RFI is not a guarantee that any public agency will purchase these products from your business.



Please respond to this RFI today or as soon as possible.

Responses may be sent to:

Department of Enterprise Services


Thank you for your assistance in this statewide health crisis.

DES Covid-19 Protective Supplies





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