Simply Soulful Café Seattle Soul Food Restaurant – Employment

LINK TO EMPLOYMENT INFO! History of our Soul Food: History of A Black Owned Business Our soul food traditions started back in 1922 when Elizabeth “Mama” Hammond was born in West Point, Missouri. She would eventually move to Spokane, Washington bringing with her the best sweet potato recipe in the world! Hammond’s simple, yet mouth-watering sweet potato recipe is so fresh and flavorful. Hammond was raised on the simple, flavor-rich diet that we refer to as “Soul Food”. People hardly believe that there are only 6 simply ingredients. However, that is how “Mama” cooked. “Mama” is pictured here.. aka Ms. Liz Elizabeth passed her sweet potato pie recipe to her daughter Barbara. Barbara and Simply Soulful Cafe share the indulgent taste of classic soul food recipes with the world! Barbara and her youngest daughter Lillian founded Simply Soulful Cafe with the recipes, food services experience, and soul food passions. “Simply Soulful Pies & Catering” serves delightful pies and food that hold true to that simple, full of flavor soul food. Have a simply soulful meal or see a live music event at our new location at 2321 S Jackson St Seattle, WA. You are sure to be satisfied!