Bid #: DB 0612-18


Closing Date: February 27, 2019


Sound Transit has a design-build procurement out for Puyallup Station Parking and Access Improvements. To learn more about this procurement log into Biddingo.  


This Project will construct a parking garage and expand an existing surface lot west of the existing station at Puyallup, WA. The building will contain approximately 500 parking spaces. The Project also includes a pedestrian bridge over 5th St. NW, improvements of traffic operations, and remediation of hazardous materials.*.main?_biddingoparams=3jYz0d9bx3FA39Wx1Or6xyqLAyKaXWH3elMjzEBS3RjnAyqCndOsIsl%2BofivrbA4FG1%2F2Vr1GNizQveVdohaKNjwPAJmY%2FrxUW3slj%2FqiZ75pS%2B1bdmHaEXWRGEA3ib8WHvr6ZBbZ%2BEqdCDTKxEU5HEBiA3JmxjiE6ph4QLVo34dgCWmNZ4Wlkn460%2Bu1TIx85iUhKmy16AtsQEHz3Upe%2FZqldREMKxx

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