Project: Port of Seattle Garage Elevator Modernization


Bid Due Date: Wednesday March 10, 2021 at noon


Estimated Contract Value: $13,000,000.00

 Project Descriptions and Scope of work includes:
This project involves the comprehensive modernization of ten (10) elevators located in Cores B and C, the replacement of seventeen (17) cab interiors located in Elevator Cores A, D and E (including hall lanterns, call buttons and lighting) and the replacement of the motor drives for elevators located in Cores D and E. The modernization scope includes replacement or refurbishment of all major elevator components in the hoistways, cabs, lobbies and machine rooms for both cores of elevators. Additionally, related building components in the machine and mechanical rooms, hoistways and lobbies will be replaced or added to meet current code requirements and Port standards (including the replacement of existing HVAC units in the B- and C-Cores with new units).
PCL Construction Services, Inc is an Equal Opportunity Employer and request sub-bids from all contractors and suppliers including Minority, Women, Disadvantage/Disabled Veterans and Emerging Small Business Enterprises for the following scopes of work include elevators, mechanical, and electrical, as well as firestopping, doors and frames, paints and coatings.
There is a 5% WMBE Goal, self-certification is acceptable.
WMBE and Small Business firms are highly encouraged to access www.bxwa.com PCL Construction/Projects Bidding. PCL is available to assist interested firms in obtaining adequate information about the contract plans, specifications and requirements for this project. PCL is available to discuss breaking the work into economically feasible units to maximize the opportunity for participation by WMBE firms on this project and encourage all firms to follow up with our estimator as early as possible, to engage in discussion about the scope of work they are capable of providing.
Contact Aaron Johnson @ 425-454-8020 or seattlebids@pcl.com 

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