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Black communities are facing twin pandemics – COVID-19 and systemic racism. Since February 2020, 41% of the more than 1 million black-owned businesses in the U.S. Have been permanently

Shuttered. In comparison, only 17% of white-owned businesses closed during the same period. In addition, roughly 95% of black-owned businesses were excluded from the paycheck

Protection program (PPP). These discrepancies stem from a lack of financial inclusion, from personal relationships with banks and other sources of capital to community-based networks

And support systems.

Core Message

Tabor 100 seeks to raise $4.5 million for the black business equity fund over three years from businesses, foundations, governmental agencies, and individuals like you – who understand

The unique role that thriving, diverse businesses play in strengthening our communities. Together, we can invest in increasing the economic power, educational excellence, and social

Equity of people of color


Your donation to the tabor 100 black business equity fund provides technical assistance, grants, community and co-working space, and other support to primarily black-owned businesses

And entrepreneurs in the greater Seattle area. Examples include:

+ Access to cash grants to assist in funding operational expenses
+ Professional and technical services in areas of finance, insurance, staffing, commercial real estate, and more
+ Educational opportunities on a wide range of topics including business management and operations
+ Payroll protection for Black small business owners and entrepreneurs during the pandemic and other times of crisis


Your one-time or monthly gift makes an immediate difference in the lives of minority business owners and their employees. Your tax-deductible donation is an investment in equity in your
Community – keeping individuals employed, families supported, and communities more stable, especially in times of crisis.

Corporate Partners

Join our community of sponsors who both support and engage with tabor 100 to further our goal of creating social, educational, and economic equity in the greater Seattle area. A combination of monetary contributions and partnerships ensure our community is served at the highest level.

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