DES Seeks Communications Manager for the Contracts and Procurement Division

Who we are
The Department of Enterprise Services’ (DES) mission is “strengthening the business of government.” DES does this through its vision of delivering high quality, cost effective support services, policy and governance to state government and other public entities so they can focus on their core missions. DES’s goals are to offer expertise in facilities & capitol grounds management, acquisitions, training & support, and various shared services. We relentlessly pursue our strategic drivers: satisfied customers, satisfied team members and a financially healthy organization. We value Respect, Integrity, Excellence, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and we seek new team members who share those values. We listen to customers and team members to understand what they need and expect. We promote creativity, learning and improvement to meet those needs and adapt to the ever-changing business environment. We measure our results and seek feedback to improve our performance.
The Communications Division ensures that DES connects with its employees, customers and stakeholders to achieve agency goals. The Communications Division does this through internal and external communications for the agency as a whole as well as individual divisions and business lines. Services include strategic communications planning, public affairs, media relations, branding, graphic design, websites, marketing, social media, videos, photos, internal communications, surveys, advertising, events, public outreach and more.

Why this position
This new position will lead and support complex and comprehensive communications and marketing efforts for the Contracts & Procurement Division (C&P) within DES. The position was created to meet high demand for information and to work on communications and marketing strategies that influence key priorities for C&P including statewide procurement policy and training, statewide environmentally preferred purchasing, statewide master (primary) contracts, the OneWashington project, statewide contracting equity initiatives, and more.
This position helps determine how to best communicate and facilitate the development of policies, federal- and state-mandated initiatives, Governor’s goals, and agency/program initiatives to all customers and stakeholders. This position will navigate a highly complex process of strategies, consensus building, and compromise to implement communications in an accurate and timely manner. This position will support division initiatives for education, stakeholder engagement, media relations, website management, marketing, outreach, and a website redesign.

Who you are
You are an experienced communicator who understands the value of scanning the environment to identify issues before they arise. You are skilled at identifying issues of reputational risk and at advising the proper course of action based on the desired outcomes. You are comfortable with the intersection between public affairs and government relations, and you are flexible enough to work with everyone from agency directors to front-line staff. You’ll be working with a Communications Division that is taking a fresh look at how it serves the agency’s internal divisions as well as its external customers. Most of all, you are serious about what you do, but you don’t take yourself too seriously. You will be joining a team that works hard and plays hard. A team that loves to laugh. A team looking for a new family member who gets our brand of crazy.
This position reports to the C&P Senior Communication Manager. For the foreseeable future, the Communications Division is teleworking nearly full time with periodic in-person collaboration days and team-building activities. The team stays connected via Zoom and other activities.

How to apply

Apply online through Government Jobs at Communications Manager for the Contracts and Procurement Division