Reports To: Credit Officer, SVP


Location: All Craft3 Office Locations: WA and OR


FLSA Status: Exempt


Grade: 11-15

The Risk Manager & Workout Officer is responsible for following the appropriate risk management
protocols to minimize losses and maximize resolutions with borrowers. The position focuses on
evaluating credit risk, negotiating and restructuring problem loans as administrating the construction
and multi-disbursement loan process.

The following list is not intended to be all-inclusive. Craft3 reserves the right to change, add or delete
responsibilities and duties as seen fit. All employee-specific job duties, priorities, and performance
expectations are detailed in their individual performance plans.

Lead Craft3’s efforts to reduce losses:
• Manage a portfolio of performing and problem assets, communicate and escalate concerns or
borrower limitations to lending and credit personnel. Make recommendations to the Special
Assets Committee or Small Loan Special Assets Sub-Committees on appropriate course of
• Manage client communication, including in-person meetings, site visits, phone calls, and written
communications throughout the time the credit is managed by Risk Management.
• Analyze customer performance, credit underwriting and loan documentation to develop and
implement modified repayment terms.
• Work directly with assigned borrowers to negotiate work out and recovery plans and track
• Staff the Small Loan Special Assets Sub-Committee; assist in staffing the Special Assets
• Lead past due payment process, maintain tracking system, manage reporting and generate past
due, forbearance or default letters as appropriate. Work with loan officers, and other staff to
identify early stage problems and build action plans to prevent further credit deterioration.
• Manage SBA Servicing and Liquidation process.
• Share information and knowledge on challenged credits with colleagues to enhance the
knowledge base and productivity across the organization.

Risk Management:
• Administer construction and multi-disbursement loans monitoring process, tracking project
progress, ensuring compliance, and managing reporting requirements
• Oversee monitoring of Lines of Credit, including Asset Based Lines
• Perform broader loan portfolio monitoring
• Assist with reviews of Craft3’s wholesale loan portfolios.
• Serve as back up on managing Craft3’s OREO’s and other assets taken in collection actions
• Perform post-closing loan reviews to verify loans were closed as approved and per standard
securitization protocols
• Analyze portfolio for trends in risks (e.g. investigate trends in CITs, industry effects on
borrowers), as requested
• Collaborate with Consumer Division to identify and implement synergies in past due and
recovery process. Portfolio Monitoring
Brand Management
• Support Management and Supervisors Priorities Agreement; Collaboration, Behaviors,
Accountability and Compliance.
• Support the organization’s All Team performance standards; Companywide Competencies.
• Demonstrate stewardship for the Craft3 Brand.

• Handling Special Asset Credits (working with legal counsel, CITs/Forbearance Agreements,
Recovery Plans)
• Loan file reviews
• External Auditing – Craft3’s wholesale lending

 Download the complete description of the postion for more information: Risk Manager Workout Officer

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