Othello Pharmacy will be administering booster shots and 1st or 2nd vaccinations shots at the Tabor 100 HUB, 7100 Fort Dent Way, Tukwila, WA 98188  Friday, November 5th from 11 am until 2pm

The booster shots will be for Moderna and Pfizer only and for those that are at least six months past their last Pfizer or Moderna Shot. You must have your vaccination Record Card to receive the booster shot. 

For 1st time COVID-19 vaccination we will have all 3 vaccines.  


If you would like to register for the booster shots or 1st or 2nd vaccination shot please email boostershot@tabor100.org and state which vaccine you are requesting.  The pharmacy would like to have an accurate count to ensure they want be wasting any vaccine.

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