Owner:Seattle Housing Authority


Due Date:11-18-2020 2:00 PM


Project Status:Open to Bid



 This solicitation for proposal is part of a hard-bid project procurement process for the Seattle Housing Authority. All bidders must include Commercial (5-story building) Davis-Bacon Wage labor rates (or better) as well as projected labor/material escalations for their respective scope that align with the project start/finish dates. There will be no opportunity for bidders to revise pricing at a later date.

Summary of Work:

Phase 1 preconstruction work (completed 60 calendar days from notice to proceed, approx. Feb 1st 2021) and Phase 2 construction work (completed within 510 calendar days from Notice to Commence, approx. April 1st 2022).

Construction Activities: Construction of affordable housing in a wood-framed residential building consisting of approximately 89,832 sf and 81 dwelling units, a multi-purpose community space, building management office, and 75 surface parking stalls. The four- and five-story wood-frame building will sit on an auger-cast concrete pile foundation and have two elevators. The project will include site amenities including a central courtyard and play areas outfitted with children’s play equipment, landscape, hardscape and new adjacent ROW improvements.




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