The Seattle Office of Labor Standards announces that the minimum per minute rate for Transportation Network Company (TNC) drivers reached its full amount of $0.57 on April 1, 2021 and will be effective until December 2021.
“Drivers, designated as essential workers and now eligible for vaccinations, have been disproportionately impacted during the Covid-19 pandemic by a lack of standard worker protections, a significant decrease in trips, and challenges accessing unemployment and healthcare,” said Mayor Jenny Durkan. “As we rebuild, we must continue to make strides in our commitment to making Seattle a place where those who work here can afford live here, and where all workers are properly paid and protected.”

TNC Rate Per Minute

The TNC Minimum Compensation Ordinance requires TNCs like Uber and Lyft to provide a minimum per minute and per mile payment for each covered trip by a TNC driver, that is at least the equivalent of Seattle’s large employer minimum wage plus compensation for reasonable expenses. TNCs must pay the greater of minimum per mile amount of $1.33 and per minute amount of $0.57 or a minimum trip payment of $5 on all trips, including if the customer or TNC cancels the trip.
On January 1, 2021, the minimum compensation requirements established by TNC Driver Minimum Compensation Ordinance went into effect. This ordinance ensures all drivers are paid a fair wage, guarantees that drivers are paid for all their working time, and compensates drivers for work-related expenses, some benefits, and protects drivers from unlawful deductions. Learn more about the TNC Minimum Compensation Ordinance here.
“It’s a really good improvement,” said Francis Kamau who has driven for Uber and Lyft for six years. “Everything else has been going up – gas, rent, all of our expenses. We were really living on the edge. Now at least we can afford the basics.”
“I am so happy for our driver community – primarily hardworking immigrants and people of color at the frontlines of the pandemic – to see the full implementation of Seattle’s Fair Share Plan,” said Peter Kuel, an Uber and Lyft driver and President of Drivers Union, affiliated with Teamsters 117. “Fare Share means greater stability for Uber and Lyft drivers and our families – the ability to put food on the table, pay the bills, and make ends meet.”
NEW! TNC Minimum Compensation Notice of Rights
Click here to download the new TNC Minimum Compensation Notice of Rights poster with the most up to date information on the minimum compensation TNCs must pay drivers and your rights as a driver in Seattle.
TNC/Rideshare Driver Pay Calculator
TNC drivers can calculate their pay for trips that begin within the City of Seattle with the TNC/Rideshare Driver Pay Calculator by clicking here.
NEW! TNC Minimum Compensation Driver Webinar
A new TNC Minimum Compensation webinar for drivers is now available on the OLS website. Learn about the key requirements of the law and what drivers are guaranteed under the Minimum Compensation Ordinance. Click here to watch.
Please visit the OLS TNC Minimum Compensation Ordinance webpage for more information about the increase to the minimum compensation rates and the law. To file a complaint please email laborstandards@seattle.gov.

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