Bid Opening Date: Nov 3, 2021 at 2:00 pm
PW #: 2020-089

PROJECT LOCATION: Rainier Avenue South, from South Weller Street to South
Findlay Street

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: This Project installs new pavement markings and signs, traffic signal improvements, new sidewalks and curb bulbs and associated paving and drainage to improve bus speed and reliability and mobility.

A/E ESTIMATE: $1,900,000-$1,975,000

PRE-BID SITE INSPECTION/MEETING: There is no pre-bid site inspection meeting scheduled for this project.

INCLUSION PLAN: For purposes of the Inclusion Plan, this is considered a Roadway type of project with a Past Performance of 19 Percent WMBE utilization rates based on completed projects. For questions on the Inclusion Plan please contact Miguel Beltran at Miguel.beltran@seattle.gov or 206-684-4525. Back-up contact is Carmen Kucinski at carmen.kucinski@seattle.gov or 206-684-0188.

PAID SICK AND SAFE TIME: Bidders must understand the requirements of SMC
14.16 and RCW 49.46 and demonstrate compliance prior to award.

BID DOCUMENTS: Contract Documents, contacts and Bid Instructions are available at https://seattle.procureware.com.

QUESTIONS: Questions must be emailed by 5:00pm, 3 Business Days before Bid
opening. See City of Seattle Standard Specification 1-02.4(1)

This project is funded by the Move Seattle levy, a 9-year program to improve safety, maintain assets and provide affordable travel options. The Move Seattle program has a 23% utilization WMBE goal. This goal doesn’t replace the WMBE past performance assigned to this contract.

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