20th Anniversary Gala
Crystal Eagle Awardees
20th Anniversary Gala
Scholarship Awardees

Roland Martin, Tabor 100 20th Anniversary Gala Key Note Speaker

NewsOne Now Host & Managing Editor Roland S. Martin interviews Radio One, Inc. Founder and Chairperson Cathy Hughes during the taping of TV One’s “Cathy Hughes One on One: A NewsOne Special” on Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2016 at Howard University in Washington. TV One’s primetime special premieres Tuesday, Oct. 18 at 10 p.m. ET. (Kevin Wolf/AP Images for TV One)[/caption]

Presidents Address, Ollie Garrett

20 years…wow!!!

This year truly marks the chance to reflect upon the legacy of Tabor 100 and the community that we serve.  Tabor’s mission statement reads as follows: Tabor 100 is an association of entrepreneurs and business advocates who are committed to economic power, educational excellence and social equity for African-Americans and the community at large.  I believe that Tabor’s mission reflects sincerity, commitment to equality and that our concern for the greater good appeals to everyone in our community.

20 years is a long time; and I am honored to be part of an organization that is focused on bringing people together.   In a “Me, me, me” society, we continue our mission to bring about economic change in undeserved communities.  Tabor 100 has a rich history and tradition of serving minority groups. For the past 20 years, Tabor 100 has worked to ensure that the brush of economic opportunity & prosperity reaches all members of society and to provide that opportunity with fairness and with justice.

This year’s theme “Vision Becomes Reality” speaks to that history and our responsibility to fulfill the vision started by David Tyner in honor of the legacy left behind by Langston Tabor.  As I reflect over the past 20 years, each theme has reflected the commitment to Tabor’s vision.

20th – “Vision Becomes Reality”
19th – “There’s Power in Unity!” September 14, 2018
18th – “Shaping Our Destiny” September 15, 2017
17th – “Seizing your Opportunity” September 30, 2016
16th – “Stay Focused on the Goal” September 30, 2015
15th – “Get in the Game” October 4, 2014
14th – MOVING FORWARD IN UNITY September 14, 2013
13th – RISING ABOVE IT ALL September 15, 2012
12th – THE LEGACY CONTINUES September 17, 2011
11th – VISION TAKES FLIGHT September 18, 2010
10th – CHANGING DREAMS TO REALITY September 19, 2009

In the past 20 years, Tabor 100 has:

  • Had 4 distinguished President’s – (picture) L. David Tyner, III; Donald King; Craig Dawson, and Skip Rowland.
  • Tabor has Awarded more than $250,000 in scholarships to 64 students of this
  • Presented 108 Crystal Eagle Awards to honor individuals that make a difference. If you are a previous awardee or scholarship winner, please stand. Let’s give them a round of applause.
  • And, in the pursuit of Langston Tabor’s vision, Tabor 100 championed I-1000, the Washington State Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Act!! (Applause). This act ensures that every resident of Washington State has equal opportunity and access to public contracting without adding quotas or preferential treatment.  I encourage you to continue this work and to ensure that the 3.5 billion $$ in economic losses experienced over the past 20 years,  are turned into economic gains by voting I APPROVE on the ballot this November!
  • To further support this vision and the commitment to I-1000, Tabor 100 will be moving to its new home and opening the Tabor Economic Development Hub. (applause & photo).    The Hub will be a community focused resource that will offer hands on services and support for women and minority owned businesses.  The Hub will serve as a much needed access point for collaboration between public agencies, private corporations and small business.  The Hub will provide training, access to capital – thanks to our partners at Seattle Credit Union; and drive economic opportunity for every resident of Washington State.   Tabor 100 had the privilege of hosting its first meeting at the hub earlier this year, when Governor Jay Inslee and the leaders of his sub-cabinet announced the results of the statewide disparity study.


I want to remind you that while there are challenges and there will be more challenges to come,  we cannot grow weary and must stay focused on our vision.  Every person in this room is a part of that Vision.  As I have said before, we may have different gifts, but “we are all equal in the eyes of God”.

In 1 Corinthians, the scripture tells us that the body is a unit that is made up of many parts; and they form one body.  When I look around this room, I see one body with many parts.  Just think about this, If the whole body were an eye, where would the sense of hearing be? If the whole body were an ear, where would the sense of smell be? What if the hand acted like a foot?

If they were all one part, what would the body be? And while there should be no division in the body, its parts should have equal concern and respect for one another.

Because of your support, we can continue the work that we do and ensure that our dreams continue to become a reality. Each one of you is a part of that vison. If we stick together and encourage one another there is nothing that we cannot do.

Tabor 100 was created with a purpose, for a purpose and to pursue that purpose with the faith that we would be successful.  I-1000 and the Tabor Economic Development hub is just the beginning!  This is not a one-time effort, but it is an important part of our future.

Although we have not moved in yet, we have been fortunate to hold several meetings at the hub. I am   proud to announce that the official move to our new home will occur in December of this year- And- you are all invited!!

This move will mark a new era in Tabor’s history and the legacy that we will leave. There are many partners that helped make this a reality, Sound Transit, King County, the Port of Seattle, the Department of Commerce, WSDOT, and our first private partner Vulcan Industries (applause).  With their support we have raised over a half a million dollars (applause)!

For the past 11 years, as President of Tabor 100, I have served this organization with the intent to Make the Vision A Reality; and While I did not seek out the help of the Ukrainians,  I did not do this alone.   I would like to thank all of you that have been Friends of Tabor 100 and most importantly, the Tabor 100 Board. Board members please stand.  Many of you may not know this, but the Tabor board is an all-volunteer, unpaid board.   The members of the Tabor 100 Board have worked tirelessly to make the hub reality and I want to publicly acknowledge them for their hard work and their commitment to our organization. (applause)

It is my hope and desire that in the next 20 years we will continue this journey and that the Vision continues to become Reality for many years to come.

I want to leave you tonight with a glimpse into the Tabor Economic Development Hub.


Date: September 28, 2019

6:00 PM Reception and Silent Auction
7:00 PM Dinner, Program and Awards

After Party Entertainment provided by DJ Robin Summerrise

Ticket $125.00

Table Captain $2,500.00

Entrée Options: Fried Chicken, Fish or Vegetarian

Attire: Semi-Formal


Marriott Waterfront Seattle
2100 Alaskan Way
Seattle, WA 98121 United States
+ Google Map
Phone: 206443500

Tabor 100
Phone: 425-882-4800 ext. 107
Email: Staff@Tabor100.org


Tickets $125.00  

Table $2,500.00 

Entrée Options: Fried Chicken, Fish and Vegetarian

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