Education Committee

Education Committee

Kevin C. Washington – Chair

Calvin Saunders, Kibibi Monie, Janie Hendrix, Dan Seydel, Keith Thomas, Ayana Sloan, Clarence Gunn, Jerome Polite, Ezra Allen, Linda Kennedy, Mussie Tewelde, Ron McGlone, Cos Roberts, Berthina Coleman

Education Committee: builds, develops, and articulates the business knowledge base of the Tabor 100; define plans to meet community educational needs; and facilitate youth mentoring activities. Provides recommendations on organizational and member development issues.

Tabor 100 Scholarships

To promote our Mission of “Educational Excellence” Tabor 100 works in a variety of ways with organizations and businesses in the community to provide scholarships for our youth. Visit our scholarships pages. Interested in helping our youth each page has a link for contributions.

Building Prominent Black Businesses

Tabor 100 is an association of business professionals, represented by many of the top black-owned businesses in Washington. Our monthly meetings and networking opportunities provide a venue for minority and majority business communities to make profitable connections. Our members instinctively reach out to each other to do business and provide mentorship.

At Tabor 100, our goal is to nurture African American firms toward economic prominence by promoting educational excellence, economic development and social equity. If you would like to become a part of this mission, join now. If you have a question contact our Membership Chair.Since it was formed in 1999, Tabor 100 has been a catalyst for action in the community. Our committees cover education, legislation, economic development, international trade, media & technology, membership benefits and fund-raising. All our activities are aimed at raising the consciousness of the African American community and empowering black business professionals to acquire the skills to compete in a global marketplace.

Some of our successful partnerships include:

  • African American Academy
  • Boy Scouts of America
  • Coalition for Investing in Washington Jobs
  • Multi-ethnic Business Alliance
  • Prosperity Partnership of the Puget Sound Regional Council
  • Thrive by Five
  • University of Washington Business & Economic Development Program
  • YMCA Black Achievers

For more information about this committee contact the
Education Committee Chair.