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links, purpose and focus of Tabor 100’s committees:

Standing Committees

Economic & Business Development Committee: promotes initiatives impacting economic development, wealth creation and business opportunity in the minority community. Learn More

Education Committee: builds, develops, and articulates the business knowledge base of the Tabor 100; define plans to meet community educational needs; and facilitate youth mentoring activities. Provides recommendations on organizational and member development issues. Learn More

Fund Development Committee: responsible for developing fundraising strategies and seeking charitable donations and grants in support of Tabor 100’s activities and programs.

Government Affairs Committee: serves as liaison with business and legislative organizations on issues of concern for Tabor 100. Learn More

Membership Committee: coordinates and promotes membership recruitment initiatives for Tabor 100, and processes new members into the organization. Maintains active and inactive membership list, and reports on new members. Learn More

Public Affairs Committee: provides the marketing and technology capabilities to promote Tabor 100 communications. Responsible for maintaining and publishing the Tabor 100 website and newsletter.

Unity Gala: serves as the team responsible for Tabor’s yearly Gala event. The charge of the Committee is to solicit input from Tabor 100 members on the purpose, date, time, place and budget for the event and execute all aspects required to put on the event. Learn More

Ad Hoc Committee:

International Development: works to build strong alliances with organizations and individuals interested in in the development of, and education about, international trade.