President’s Message

Tabor 100’s 18th Annual Gala is right around the corner.  Given all the preparations and the time it takes to get everything “just right” for our organization’s premier event, a six-month countdown will go very fast and there will be a lot to do leading up to the event.

This year, Pearl Leung, External Affairs Director at the Vulcan Company, is our Gala Committee Chair and she has been working diligently since she assumed the position several months ago.  Our objective is to raise money for the organization, provide college scholarships to worthy students, and connect our members to opportunities.  It is always good to see who is in the room both at the dinner event and the reception.  Many hard to meet community, business and government members have been gracious in showing their support for our organization, including Governors, U.S. Senators, Mayors and others.  We also have those who buy goods and services and contract with small businesses daily in our community and elsewhere.  Several major construction companies sponsored tables at our event last year.

For 2017, I want to make the Gala more beneficial to our members.  I want more members to be there and to benefit from being in the room with key decision-makers.  While we work hard to have you connect with our sponsors I also want to incorporate ideas from you about how your business might benefit from attending the Gala and making the right connections.  I would appreciate it if you would complete the online survey to help us create a better gala for you —

I urge you be a part of the Gala Committee in which ever capacity you can. The connections that come from being part of this event are innumerable and whether you lay concrete or write news releases, your visibility and recognition by working on this event will be significant.

Both Pearl and I are looking for volunteers.  Please email if you would like to join the Gala Committee; you only have to be willing to work and we will find a place for you to contribute.