President’s Message

I was pleased with the turnout at our December 17th “members-only” meeting and found the comments you all made very interesting. Tabor 100 has been a somewhat underrated “matchmaker” in the community for many years. In the past, there have been many small minority businesses that have grown as a result of their link to Tabor 100. I was pleased to see that Tabor’s legacy in this regard continues as I heard business after business at our last meeting, testify to the fact that the connections made at Tabor 100 have generated revenue and that many of you owe much of your success to this organization. Langston Tabor, our founder and aggressive advocate for minority business, would be proud of the organization that bears his name.

It was great that some of the agencies in the room touted their connection with Tabor and mentioned some of the businesses, present or not, that they have helped. Their continued commitment to our organization is very much appreciated. We are also working closely with private firms who have offered untold opportunities to Tabor 100 members who have and are currently making the best of them.

We have adopted as our 2017 tagline “Shaping Our Destiny.” Your business can truly shape its destiny with all the opportunities we currently see and those on the horizon. During the year, you will have the chance to connect with key people who can help shape your destiny, regardless of your business. Last year was highlighted by some of the most favorable economic circumstances this region has ever experienced. The Puget Sound Region is growing faster than any other in the country and is the right place to shape your destiny in 2017.

Let me end by suggesting that you consider working with Tabor to help grow your business and its future. We are always ready to incorporate new talent and a desire to make for a better minority business climate in our state.  We are doing a lot and all of it is geared to benefit you. I look forward to working with you as we “shape our destiny” in 2017.