President’s Message

Tabor 100 has a new “tagline” for 2018. “There’s Power in Unity!”

There’s Power in Unity! means a lot.  In 2018, Tabor 100 intends to work very hard to level the playing field through our work in Olympia geared toward repealing I-200 and in Seattle with the creation of a Business Development Center (BDC), geared toward preparing all of us to be more competitive as we vie for economic power, educational excellence and social equity.

Tabor 100 want to redouble its commitment to working together in unity with our community partners. The support we receive from the City of Seattle, WSDOT, Port of Seattle, the State Department of Enterprise Services, King County, Sound Transit, Vulcan and more is invaluable. Our members have enjoyed access and information that has helped them land work.  We want to collaborate more closely with National Association of Minority Contractors, the Breakfast Group, First Thursday and other community-based groups.

In thinking about the new tagline what came to mind was the old adage: “We can complain while nothing happens, or we can come together and watch miracles happen.” Unity is strength…when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.

I will close with this:

The enemy tries to bring division throughout our community by keeping us focused on our differences. When we’re critical and judgmental, we build walls that separate us. The Bible says in Ephesians 4:13, “We need to come together in the unity of faith.” There’s great power in unity! We can do a whole lot more together, as born-again believers, than we can do apart

Let’s decide to lay down our differences and come together in unity in 2018.