SB 6406 I-200 Repeal Information

Tabor Neighbors,

We Urgently Need Your Help: Take Action Now!

Washington State is currently considering repealing Initiative 200, a 1998 law that bans diversity programs in public contracting and public employment, as a result affecting business run by women, people of color, and other disadvantaged groups.

There are significant education and employment gaps in Washington state, particularly for people of color, and if the Legislature fails to act soon these gaps will continue to worsen. That’s why we need to work together to pass Senate Bill 6406, which will repeal I-200.

After 20 years of no action, we are so close to having I-200 be repealed, but we need your help! The deadline is February 14th to contact the following Senators to convince them to vote for SB 6406. We are only 2 votes away, and your voice would make a big difference!

1. SENATOR SHARON NELSON (34th District-West Seattle)                 Email:              Phone: (360) 786-7667
2. SENATOR CHRISTINE ROLFES (23rd District- Kitsap)                      Email:           Phone: (360) 786-7644
3. SENATOR MARK MALOSCIA (30th District – Federal Way)               Email:               Phone: (360) 786-7658
4. SENATOR JOE FAIN (47th District – Auburn)                                         Email:                         Phone: (360) 786- 7692
5. SENATOR STEVE O’BAN (28TH Dist. – Tacoma/University Place)   Email:      Phone: (360) 786-7654
6. SENATOR STEVE HOBBS (44th Dist. – Lake Stevens)                        Email:                   Phone: (360) 786-7686
7. SENATOR MAUREEN WALSH (16th Dist.- Walla Walla)
Email:               Phone: (360) 786-7630

Now it’s time to start calling and emailing the above Senators to urge them to vote YES on SB6406, by NO LATER than Wednesday, February 14, 2018.

  SB6406 I 200 Hearing on Friday, January 26, 2017

SB 6406 I200 Repeal Hearing Open Discussion with Senator Maralyn Chase and Senator Bob Hasegawa:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

State Agency and Higher Education Historical Supplier Diversity Spreadsheet Presented by Senator Bob Hasegawa

State Agency and Higher Ed Historical Supplier Diversity

Equality vs. Equity Photo

Panel Clip 1: John Carlson

Panel Clip 2: Teresa Bernsten, Roger Millar and Kevin Allen


Panel Clip 3: Stephanie Bowman and Edson Zavala

Panel Clip 4: Kaaren Heikes, Herbie Martin and Sandy Hanks

Panel Clip 4: Maria Flores, Joey Gray and Steve Glagett

Panel Clip 5: Eddie Rye Jr., Hayward Evans and Leslie Cushman

Panel Clip 6: Abdul Yusuf, John Yasutake and Jessie Wineberry


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To learn more about the SB 6406 I-200 Repeal visit To learn more about Tabor 100 and our work towards the repeal and how you can get involved please contact Riall Johnson, Tabor 100 Government Affairs Chair, at