About Us

In memory of Langston Tabor 1942-1998

On November 12, 1998, L. David Tyner III, Chairman and founder of Tabor 100, and the African-American community lost a unique and gifted friend in the passing of Langston Tabor. Langston’s legacy of leadership and passion for the enhancement of the economic, educational and political advancement of African Americans was a common tenet of the friendship he and David Tyner shared.

While reflecting on Langston’s aggressive lobbying for training programs for young black and minority males and fairness in public contracting in the construction industry, Dave recalled a conversation between Langston and himself just a few days before his passing. In response to that conversation, Dave felt a strong calling to assist in the ongoing identification and development of entrepreneurs and leaders in the Pacific Northwest. Dave gathered friends and business acquaintances and the Tabor 100 was formed.

Through the assistance of Dr. William Bradford, former Dean of the University of Washington Business School, Reverend Laverne Hall of the Mount Zion Baptist Church, good friend and business owner Daryl Thomas, and A. Carl Smith, a local businessman whose father’s (Sam Smith) long and distinguished political career was dedicated to aiding people to gain economic access, the initial framework of the group was undertaken. Together with a host of others, the Tabor 100 has become a grassroots organization, incorporated and designed to facilitate economic empowerment.